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"Intelligence Cube" Two World Devine Strategic Partnership

LOG magazine, May issue, and Editor's Choice award Garmin & Asus M10'u studied. Asus Web Site, About LOG, Press "M10"

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Your life. In constant communication!At home, the office or on the move Ovi brings the digital world to your feet. Ovi by making life easier and fun to enhance your mobile device, custom application services. You saved your files and calendar appointments or to reach the place you put the address do not need to worry about now. Ovi digital world of mobile device, personal computer or an Internet café to access the most appropriate way to help. Meet Ovi, and serve immediately with the new service and take advantage of the features. to sign up now..>>

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Telecom World 2009 September 3N technology, end users, device manufacturers and service providers...

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The technology is not real...Nokia's new smart phone N8 curious about the great people you are transferred before the question...

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Telecity waiting push the buttonLocal device, software production, and after completing feasibility studies on high-volume...

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Asus announced the new equipmentsMaster the Garmin navigation system and a hardware manufacturer Asus, Garmin-Asus mobile phones to come...


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